Growing SQL Server: Features from 2008 to 2017

As the end of service approaches for SQL Server 2008, let's take a moment to reflect on where we have been and the exciting new innovations available with SQL Server 2017.

At Syllogistic Group, we come to work daily because we are solving the biggest problems in IT. Everyone is guessing. Engineers do not know the source of the issues they see, how to isolate them, or even if they are seeing problems or just noise. Management does not see that the user at the help desk complaining is the tip of the iceberg of a larger, systemic problem. Users just want to do their jobs, and not complain at the help desk, and they are not sure if they really have a problem.

Like you, we love IT. Our experience in the enterprise, in the military, in the trenches solving problems, providing solutions, makes us valuable, to you. Our mission is to make IT infrastructure more manageable and more transparent. We primarily provide directory and email systems design and migration. Our experience also makes us valuable as the hired guns to identify and solve your problems. Or to tell you, there are no problems.

We provide that system expertise so that you do not need to bring in a full-time engineer for Active Directory, Exchange, or System Center. You keep your ROE high and your long-term resource cost low. We do the work, you get the benefits.

We are your solution. We have your experience. We have your bold ideas. We solve your problems. We are Syllogistic Group.

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