Customer Story: Coats

260-year-old company, Coats, discusses how moving to the cloud was an integral part of successfully implementing S/4 HANA across their business and allows them to process huge amounts of data in real time; keeping them agile and ready to serve their customers.

Empowering your organization to embrace a data culture with Power BI

Companies are generating an amazing amount of data, but do they know how to use it? Often, the answer is "not really." You need to leverage a solution that can help your employees understand what your data is telling them. With Microsoft Power BI, you have access to manipulate, learn from, and act on your data. Use Power BI to explore, gain crucial insights, and make decisions in new and exciting ways. Contact Spectrum Consultants to learn more on how we can help you integrate Power BI today.

SQL Server 2017 Datasheet

Data is an important part of any modern business. Why not use a data platform with intelligence and security already built in? Microsoft SQL Server 2017 provides extras without extra cost, along with best-in-class performance and flexibility for your on-premises needs. Contact Spectrum Consultants today to find out how we can help you integrate SQL Server for industry-leading performance and security.

Enterprise Cloud Strategy_2nd Edition eBook

At Spectrum Consultants, we know that cloud computing not only represents a set of technical opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings, but also provides the potential to significantly transform the scope of enterprise computing. Providing businesses with new business models, revenue streams, and vehicles for customer engagement. Check out this e-book, and contact Spectrum Consultants. We want to help you set up your secure cloud environment.

What Your Startup Needs To Know About Predictive Analytics (It Is Not As Scary As It Sounds)

Chances are that your customer segmentation could be better. Many organizations are leaving money on the table, targeting the wrong customers, or not targeting the right ones. With Azure, small businesses can afford to utilize predictive analytics to refine their marketing campaigns, further reducing costs. At Spectrum Consultants, we know how to help you integrate this amazing tech. Contact us and check out What Your Startup Needs To Know About Predictive Analytics.

Microsoft AI: Empowering cancer research

Microsoft technology is empowering cancer researchers at Virginia Tech to do and achieve more. Spectrum Consultants is determined to empower you to do the same. AI technology is being used to process and analyze 100 human genomes a day, something that used to take weeks. That same power can be used to improve your business. Watch this short clip about how Virginia Tech is transforming the study of cancer with the help of Microsoft technology.

Security - common mistakes

This graphic identifies common security weaknesses that make small businesses easy targets for cybercriminals and provides insight on how best to address them.