Empowering your organization to embrace a data culture with Power BI

Companies are generating an amazing amount of data, but do they know how to use it? Often, the answer is "not really." You need to leverage a solution that can help your employees understand what your data is telling them. With Microsoft Power BI, you have access to manipulate, learn from, and act on your data. Use Power BI to explore, gain crucial insights, and make decisions in new and exciting ways. Contact Neal Analytics to learn more on how we can help you integrate Power BI today.

Neal Analytics is a cloud, data and AI Microsoft Gold consulting Partner. Since 2011, Neal has supported companies with their data-driven transformation initiatives from data strategy to solution design, architecture, development, operationalization, and support. 

Our expertise spans across migration and modernization, data science, AI/ML, IoT, edge computing, Business Intelligence, application development, and Robotic Process Automation.

Neal approaches digital transformation projects through a proven three-step method: strategy, design, and implementation. 

Leveraging our management consulting roots, we help companies define effective business strategies and goals. Through design thinking, we translate these into value-driven, technical implementation plans. And, with a focus on Agile and pragmatic consulting practices,

Neal offers flexible engagement models using proven frameworks and patterns to drive your initiative from concept to solid business value.