5G? Yes. Wi-Fi 6? Yes. Intent-based Networking from Cisco? Yes.

This short video titled "5G? Yes. Wi-Fi 6? Yes. Intent-based Networking from Cisco? Yes!" describes how traditional technology required a tough choice. With Cisco Intent-based Networking, IT teams don't have to choose—you can have the one network that is ready for anything. For more information on Cisco Designed for Business solutions, contact us today.

Jäcster Technology was started to help organizations with and without technology support staff maximize efficiency and reduce downtime. This way they can focus on reaching their goals instead of worrying about their technology. We help our clients RETHINK TECHNOLOGY by providing proactive monitoring and management of all technology resources, both on premise and in the cloud. While other technology companies may only focus on technology, Jäcster becomes an extension of the organization by rethinking how that technology is used in order to have more successful organization. Jäcster Technology partners with some of the leading technology companies to provide expert support for their customers.