Momentous Day

January 20, 2017, was a momentous day for the country and for Vestigo Ventures.

January 20, 2017, was a momentous day for the country and for Vestigo Ventures. First, there was the peaceful transition of power between two very different ideologies on how to approach our problems and govern our nation. No matter your politics you have to admire how this process takes place. Clearly, the American voter was looking for change as evidenced by the transitions from Bush to Obama to Trump.

For Vestigo, this day also brought the first closure of Vestigo Ventures Fund I — and what a satisfying moment it was for all involved.

The clock is now set in motion that will allow Ian Sheridan and Mike Nugent to sign-on additional investors over the next year. We already have several excellent  institutional prospects who take a bit longer to go through the closing process. Having made three investments thus far, Ian and Mike have much more data to share with new investors that demonstrates our value and progress.

We are proud of the great support that Vestigo has received from not only the Boston FinTech community but also the tech sector at large. This support ranges from the likes of MIT, Harvard, and other prestigious universities, to non-profit promoters of technology such as FinTech Sandbox and Mass Insights.

We are appreciative of the support from other VC's and investors whose leaders have offered us meaningful insights throughout our process. As a result, we have experienced solid early deal flow and sharing of ideas with this community in Boston and New York City, as well as the West Coast.

The partnership between Vestigo Ventures and Cogo Labs has been very strong. The teams have engaged in joint meetings with the investor and entrepreneur communities to understand our data analytics capabilities.

The collaboration with Cogo Labs has enabled us to conduct deep research across the Vestigo investment thesis and allowed us to look at a variety of companies in personal wealth, financial applications, and blockchain applications. Lastly, this partnership has empowered one of our portfolio companies, LifeYield, to build out a B2C channel.

Vestigo is off to an excellent start. We have been struck by the dedication Ian and Mike have shown in executing on an ambitious plan. Mark is excited to spend more time with the team this spring as he transitions into this next chapter of his life. We continue to make great strides and are looking forward to an incredible future.

Dave Blundin and Mark Casady
General Partners of Vestigo Ventures