Overcoming security challenges with DevSecOps

Throughout the years, software development practices have evolved to serve the needs and the speed of business. However, digital leaders are still facing challenges with security and development. The solutions to these challenges are collaboration, tooling, and DevSecOps best practices. Sign up to stay connected. We'll help you navigate the world of DevSecOps and understand how to successfully adopt it.

For the past 25 years, T. Daniels Consulting has been helping small and mid-sized businesses securely and efficiently utilize the best of breed technology so they can focus on reaching and exceeding their strategic goals. Not only do our engineers have on average more than 10 years experience, but they also possess an array of specialized certifications uniquely designed to help small and medium-sized organizations. This means our clients benefit from a team that knows what they are talking about, resolves issues faster and correctly the first time which reduces business interruptions, and makes them more productive while reducing IT costs.

Our Services and Support Offerings Include:
•    Office 365 migration, implementation, and management
•    Cloud hosting with Microsoft Azure
•    Azure Active Directory integration
•    Managed IT support and services
•    Cyber Security solutions
•    Network design and deployment 
•    Backup and disaster recovery solutions
•    IT project planning and implementation
•    vCIO