Leadership and policy guide for system leaders

As the global crisis of COVID-19 begins to abate, Microsoft is working closely with education systems around the world to support transitions to the next stage of schooling. This document outlines how the new technologies implemented during the crisis can continue to be used to support transitions back to school and to improve and reimagine schooling going forward. Most countries will continue working towards full connectivity distance learning readiness during the transition back to school to ensure all students have connected devices for seamless learning. These efforts will ensure all students can participate in distance and hybrid learning should school closure be necessary again.

GITS is one of the preferred system integrators in Ghana and the provider of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions and consultancy services. We help our customers to communicate, through our global partners such as Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Symantec, Avaya, Netapp, Redhat, Molex, Commscope, Juniper etc by supplying network equipment, Servers, software and security solutions, and integration services for multiservice networks that deliver data, video, voice communications over the LAN/WAN Infrastructure of enterprise networks and offering Corporate Training to ensure maximization of customer satisfaction. We provide a comprehensive scope of managed services including management and design of data centre infrastructure that support enterprise servers and applications, storage, backups, networks, databases and security to a vast variety of businesses in Ghana and beyond.