A step forward in the age of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way, especially in recent times. In the past five years, adoption of AI-driven technology has significantly increased among the world's enterprises, leading to smarter machines and a validation of AI's role in these organizations. As more businesses adopt AI, it becomes more important as a potentiator of human talent. Businesses also gain increasing access to unparalleled levels of innovation. In this infographic, you'll get a glimpse into how Microsoft-powered AI features have been making businesses around the world smarter and more efficient.

Bross Group was founded in January 2004 to provide the best quality technical expertise within the Information Technology project consulting sector. Our corporate office is located at 200 Union Blvd. Suite 200, Lakewood, CO supported by offices in New York, Florida, South Carolina and Washington. Since our inception 15 years ago we have successfully provided consulting services for over 400 clients. We have been a Microsoft certified partner for the past 11 years and have completed numerous O365 projects across Colorado and the United States. We are a Silver Microsoft partner. 

 Bross Group is routinely recognized as one of the top 100 woman-owned businesses in Colorado. Our IT consulting group is focused on operating efficiently while delivering value and working effectively for our clients. 

Bross Group offers these critical areas of expertise:

·       Strategic and Advisory Services – Digital transformation, consulting and IT operations advisory services focus on the integration of process with systems and people

·       IT Managed Services – Delivers a proven enterprise level process to deliver IT operations from hosting through user support

·       Technology Implementation- Repeatable, collaborative, customer-centric processes provide transparent delivery across a range of business and technology projects

·       Strategic Staffing – Assist organizations in finding qualified permanent or temporary staff to fill critical positions