Abbreviations and Acronyms of Computers and Security

This glossary provides some of the abbreviations and acronyms that are used in the security business

When I started working for IBM many years ago, all the new employees had to go to training classes. They taught us all about their products. I found that I not only had to learn about their technology but also about the abbreviations and acronyms

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Panic Buttons and Security

This article describes how to integrate Panic Buttons into your security system.

Panic buttons can be added to security systems to increase safety and security. For example, these alarm buttons can be integrated into a security system such as surveillance camera systems, Paging systems, and door access control systems. Placing panic buttons in strategic areas can help to

How to Integrate Door Access and IP Camera Systems

This article discusses the best way to integrate IP Video and IP door access systems. 

Door Access Control and IP Camera Systems provide security by themselves. When the two systems are integrated, they provide a higher level of security and safety. There are some different ways to integrate cameras and door control systems. There are proprietary systems

How Power Over Ethernet Works

PoE makes installation very easy.   

Many network-attached devices, such as IP cameras, VoIP phones, WiFi radios, and IP door readers use power over Ethernet (PoE).  The single network cable transfers both data and power to the device …

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How to Install IP Door Readers

IP Door Access Control Systems are easy to install and provide excellent flexibility.

There are RFID proximity IP readers and biometric door readers such as fingerprint or facial recognition readers, that connect to the network. In many cases, you can use PoE to power the reader and the electric lock. An IP door access control reader

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IP Paging Systems for Schools

This article describes how to select the right speakers and determine the number required for your school or organization.

IP paging speaker placement and sound volume settings are key to providing clear sound. Whether there is a general announcement or an emergency message, it's important that the instructions can be heard and understood by everyone. Network attached IP speakers are easy to install

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Extreme Environment IP Camera Enclosure Systems

Do you need to view a rocket launch or the inside of a blast furnace? The usual IP camera systems won't survive these extreme conditions. These applications require a special camera enclosure that is designed for these extremely hot environments.


This article describes how enclosures can protect IP cameras when the ambient temperature can reach over 752°F (400°C). high-temperature camera enclosures


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Thermal versus Optical IP Cameras

This article describes when to use a thermal or optical IP Camera Systems. 


Thermal and optical IP cameras use different technologies to capture video. Each type of camera system provides a unique role in an IP video surveillance system. Systems that combine thermal and optical cameras provide a synergistic solution for long-range surveillance.


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How Face Recognition Works in a Crowd

Facial Recognition in a Crowd is complicated. There are different methods used for matching facial biometrics. The simplest method measures various features of a person's face, such as the distance between the eyes, or the position of the mouth to the nose. These geometric measurements or vectors are then coded and stored in a database for later later comparison. The second method is more complex. It uses IP cameras to capture the full facial image and uses as much information as it can.  [Read more …

IP Cameras Price Versus Performance

How much should you expect to pay for your IP camera? IP cameras range in price from under $200 to over $1000. Since the price depends on what you need, you should always make sure you understand your objectives.


Price varies with performance. The least expensive cameras have fixed lenses. Do you need a camera for a small room or an outdoor camera that can recognize a person over 300 ft. away?  [Read more …