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Butterfly Publisher - Cool Feature N.52: Publish content to your @HubSpot blog, send Newsletters to nurture your leads
Socialize Your Stuff is now integrated to HubSpot. Post content directly to your HubSpot blog in addition to your other social networks. Then, automatically build a social newsletter that saves time and achieves better results.
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How Often Should You Post to Your Social Networks?
One of the most common questions asked by users - but is there a correct answer?
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Do You Still Send an Email Newsletter?
Newsletters are essentially a one way, flat communication. Ten years ago it was cutting edge to produce these robust communications. But for many, keeping up their newsletter with fresh and engaging content is expensive and time consuming. So even though these email communications are an important part of any online marketing strategy, newsletter marketing is often skipped in favor of easier tasks. Now there is a whole new model for content rich communications. People today are seeking content to be short, useful, and interactive. The new "social" content is curated and distributed across social media sites and blogs - and a newsletter is no longer the same. In this new world the newsletter becomes a Social Digest - a weekly email containing your latest social updates with links taking your readers directly into the conversation. Click the link below to learn more about Social Digests and how easy it is to create digests of your own: HTTP://YOUTU.BE/WW6X4U1UVCW [1] Links: ------ [1] /HTTP://YOUTU.BE/WW6X4U1UVCW
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Is Wednesday the day!? The best and worst times to share links on popular social networks.
Link shortening and tracking service has released new data on the best and worst times to share links on popular social networks.
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6 Ways To Generate Leads on LinkedIn.
Before getting into the six ways to use LinkedIn to generate leads, let me say this: one of the keys to success with LinkedIn, as with all the other social networking platforms, is to use the site ...
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What do you think about the Washington Post social reader? Is this an effective social tool? Should every site have one?
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Butterfly Publisher - Cool Feature N.57: Integration to LinkedIn Groups lets you contribute to topical discussions

Start or join a conversation with groups on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Groups allow you to: Quickly discover the most popular discussions in your professional groups.

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